3-day Intensives

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1-Week Intensive

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2-Week Intensive

🌟 SUMMER 2019 🌟

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"I can safely say that it was one of the most extraordinary things I have ever experienced in my entire life."

"Tremendously powerful, both in itself and in what it has set in motion in my life."

"The Enlightenment Intensive is a real breakthrough in the growth of consciousness and compassion in the world."

See Participants' Feedback for many more.

Participants' Feedback

A selection of feedback and first-hand accounts from participants on our Enlightenment Intensives.

"What a complete transformation has happened to me in the three years I have been participating on Enlightenment Intensives. Really - from wishing life would end to now being fully self expressive and passionate about every aspect of life.

— Stuart  


"I have had my world turned inside out and upside down by truth. I have always wanted truth and this process blows me away. I can think of nothing else that has set me so totally free. How can I put into words what is without words? ... The structure was held so beautifully that when I really had no idea of myself I felt totally safe to fall to pieces. The care and attention was amazing and the integration process helped put something that felt so other-worldly into context in life."

— Amala 


"Refreshing, releasing, relaxing, recharging, inspiring, fun, very serious, moving, delightful ... I loved the teaching, the food, the comfortable environment and the other participants. Thank you and bless you."

— Julian 


"A total great amazing roller-coaster!!  From grumpiness to blissfulness ... a beautiful process. The lectures were utterly motivational. They gave me the strength not to give up. Really encouraging to go deeper!  Thank you!"

— Sanmukhi 


"Amazing. Extremely difficult. I got a clearer sense than ever before of who I am, what I am going to do, what I need to do and the path to take. It reinvigorated me.  One of the best experiences of my life. Fantastically well run and supported all round."

— Nicholas 


"Absolutely fantastic! It provided far more than I was expecting. I have a clear personal mandate for the next year and also feel as though Intensves should be an integral part of my life! Words cannot expres my thanks to you both."

— Guy (2009)


"A journey from the mundane of routine life to the warm glow of truth through the valley of despair."

— Ed 


"This has been the best Enlightenment Intensive I've ever been on, and that's saying something. (I must have attended somewhere in the region of 20 Intensives.) I was beautifully facilitated to get on with the job of finding out for myself who I am at my absolute core, and I did that. I am very grateful to the staff, who were invisible, perhaps more so than usual. There really was nothing else for me to put my attention on other than me. The master is one of my favourite people in the whole world so I'm hopelessly biased here, but I think she's one of the best masters in the world, so there you have it 😊 "

— Sally 


"This was one of the best Intensives I have been on. I felt utterly safe, cared for, and truly inspired by the lectures. The house and surroundings added to the pleasure of the overall experience."

— Christine


"Using the technique over and over through the weekend, I was able to cross through my self-dislike and self-admonishment, and brush up against utter beauty. The utter beauty of myself, just the way I am. And the utter beauty of the absolute truth and its transformative power. Those sound like grand words but the exquisite, extraordinary delight I felt at those moments will change my life."

— Emma 


"The Intensive was very well held with constant attentiveness to support our process, necessary for us to withstand the fear, boredom, pain, etc. The structure, food and rules are all designed to ensure our will is engaged. Care-taking I would rate as 10/10"

— Christine 


"I really enjoyed this intensive. Even though there was always a resistance to share myself, the whole process felt amazing. My last intensive was a harder process but this time it just flew by. I enjoyed the structure, the support, not knowing the time; I wasn't exhausted, and I loved the environment and the walks. I felt perfectly taken care of. And I learned to be ok with how it went."

— Maxine


"Life changing. You were all amazingly selfless which is humbling to witness. Thinking about it has just made me feel love and realise that I am love, which has made me cry (again). It is an incredible service you do people in giving Enlightenment Intensives. Thank you so much."



"Life-changing. Gobsmacking. Confirming ⎯ in a way I never expected to happen ⎯ the existence of something divine and bigger than all of us, a force. I now know this to be true. And that the Absolute Truth is jaw-droopingly, eye-wideningly extraordinary, and will change everything about how I lead my life going forward. I wish such understanding of perfection, and of one's own value, to everyone."

— Emily 


"Mind blowing. I discovered myself several times sitting or walking with my mouth open while thinking about the thing that had just made itself clear to me. Speechless. Fantastic. My gratitude for you, dear Emma and Barry, for enabling and allowing this Intensive to take place is enormous. Thank you So much!"

— Astrid 


"A journey. Difficult at times, glorious at times, and intense! Significant in my life. Life changing. 



"Mind-blowing! Blown out of the ways - ah, the joys of no mind.  I loved being here and am grateful for this opportunity to experience myself and others. I have understood so much about me and leave with faith." 



"I learned truths, first hand. Truths that I have read in books over and over without understanding or being able to truly believe. That I am perfect, right now, just as I am, with all my neuroses etc - and so is everyone else!!! And that you will find the truth inside yourself. Seek and ye shall find / ask and it shall be given."