3-day Intensives

✿ Easter 2018

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Longer Intensives

✿ 1-Week: Summer 2018
✿ 2-Week: Summer 2019

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"I can safely say that it was one of the most extraordinary things I have ever experienced in my entire life."

"Tremendously powerful, both in itself and in what it has set in motion in my life."

"The Enlightenment Intensive is a real breakthrough in the growth of consciousness and compassion in the world."

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Newsletter Spring 2016

Hello all, and welcome to our latest updates and news. In this newsletter:

1    1-Week Enlightenment Intensive 2016

2    50th Anniversary of 1st EIWorldwide Intensives 2018

3    Dyad Days 2016 with Barry

4    Calendar of Events – our dates for the next two years

~ Emma & Barry ~



1-Week Enlightenment Intensive

21-29 July 2016

Enlightenment intensives of more than 3 days provide an opportunity for deeper enlightenment experiences. For those who feel drawn to work with the EI process at a deeper level, we still have places for our 7-day-long Enlightenment Intensive in Bath to be held this summer.

If you have not taken an Enlightenment Intensive before, or if you have not taken one with us here in Bath, you can still book onto this 1-week EI. However, a one-to-one interview is part of the booking process. This can be done in person, over Skype or telephone. Once you have submitted your registration form and deposit (details below), we will arrange a time for an interview within 2 weeks of receiving these. You will need to set aside a minimum of one hour for the conversation. Should you decide not to proceed following that conversation, your deposit will be refunded in full.

If you have any questions about taking this or any other Enlightenment Intensive (whether your first or your tenth), please do get in contact with us. We are always happy to talk to people who feel drawn to seek the Truth through Enlightenment Intensives.

Further information

See Calendar of Events below or go to the Dates page.


Enlightenment Intensives 50th Anniversary 2018

The first Enlightenment Intensive

In July 1968, the very first Enlightenment Intensive was held as an ‘experiment’ in southern California. Charles Berner, who had developed the process together with his wife Ava, said of that Intensive:

"I thought that I had something that people could and would do, so I set a date over the Fourth of July weekend, 1968, for a five-day Enlightenment Intensive and announced it to my students. Twenty-six people attended……In the high desert of southern California, much to my continued amazement, on the third day several people experienced directly their own self. I acted very matter-of-fact, but I had actually expected that one would have to attend many intensives in order to have a satori-like experience. Before the intensive was over, eleven of the twenty-six had direct experiences of Truth…."

50th Anniversary events

To mark the 50th anniversary of that event we thought it would be wonderful if lots of people could be taking Enlightenment Intensives at the same time, coinciding with those dates. We are delighted that this is going to be happening.

The first to be announced, our own event here in Bath, will be a 7-day EI, encompassing the anniversary dates of Berner’s first Intensive:

1-week Enlightenment Intensive in Bath
28 June – 6 July 2018

Further information

Our dates:
To find out about other 50th anniversary events around the world as they are announced, there is now an international list of upcoming EIs: There is also an international EI announcements Facebook page here:


Dyad Days on Purpose

Following our recent Enlightenment Intensives we have felt inspired to begin offering Dyad Days here in Bath. For these Dyad Days, everyone will use one particular question:
"What is my purpose?"

The Dyad Days will be for anyone who has taken an Enlightenment Intensive with us and wants to focus on this key issue.

The primary aim will be to gain insight into one’s own truest sense of purpose in life.

In addition, we have several other aims in mind with these new Dyad Days:

  • Developing a sense of community and support for those of you who have participated on our Intensives.
  • Giving you an opportunity, between Intensives, to reconnect with truth-centred contact and communication. (We recognise that this is often difficult in ordinary life.)
  • Enabling you to experience the further benefits of the dyad process, outside the EI setting, to find meaning, insight and clarity within oneself.

Here, Barry explains why he has chosen to focus on the question “What is my purpose?”:
— As some of you will know, two medical conditions have had a dramatic and often debilitating impact on my life over the last 15 years. At times my physical sate became so bad that I feared either an early death or simply spending the rest of my life unable to do anything of value for myself and others.   

One day in 2009, at a time when I felt I was not so much close to death but as good as already dead, I pondered – If I only had, say, a year’s worth of activity left in me, what should I do with it? How could I die feeling satisfied with what I had done in my life? The problem was, I had no clarity on my own sense of value and purpose. That day I decided to shut myself in a quiet room with a pen and notepad and to not to come out until I had a clear, conscious knowing of my life’s purpose.

I contemplated the question ‘What is my purpose?’ using the enlightenment technique. I focused on the sense of having a purpose, I intended to know what that purpose was, and I opened up to anything coming into my consciousness as a result. It took about 45 minutes of introspection and self-enquiry, which took me through a series of insights, each of which I wrote down as it came to me. I first realised that to fulfil myself I must be audacious in pursuing my own deepest and truest interests, even if that feels self-indulgent. I also realised that whatever activity gives me fulfilment won’t be a chore but will be the very thing that I actually want to spend my time doing! I also sensed that whatever that is would inevitably be of some service or value to others.

I could feel that I was on the right tack — it was just a matter of getting that inner feeling of resonance, like a tuning fork chime, in which the words coming up to describe my sense of purpose matched the feeling of fulfilment (the joyous, uplifting and freeing sense of doing one’s true work). Different words and phrases turned over in my mind a few times. Finally, I got down to a phrase that captured my own real sense of purpose: “To find something I feel is really worth saying, and then say it to others who want to hear it, with uplifting beauty and liberating clarity.

The next day, I started writing my Personality & Spirituality website, and thus began a new chapter of my life.

Clearly, I’m not unique in the desire to discover my purpose. It’s an issue that Emma and I have both faced and discussed a great deal since we met. And it’s one of the main things that visitors to my website ask me for help with.

While in my case the desire to discover a sense of purpose was given focus and power by the prospect of a shortened life, I suspect that similar focus and power can be achieved using the dyad method. Dyads are powerful in their own right, harnessing and combining the energy and intent of those involved, whether a single couple or a large group. I am excited by the potential for this format to enable individuals to discover their own true sense of purpose. 

More about the Dyad Days

Just as with Enlightenment Intensives, the core principle will be self-discovery. In other words, we are not going to be telling people what we think their purpose is (though we are happy to share what we have learned about ourselves in relation to this issue). Rather, everyone will use the dyad contemplation and communication technique as a tool for self-awareness and insight. There will also be short periods of silent contemplation.

The formality of the dyad and the EI rule of not commenting on others or their communications applies in the usual way.

Where and when?

We are holding these one-day events (10am-4pm approx) here in Bath at minimal cost. At the moment we have two dates scheduled for 2016:

    •    SATURDAY 27 AUGUST 2016
    •    FRIDAY 30 DECEMBER 2016

... plus several others pencilled in over the next two years (to be confirmed).

To extend the opportunity to connect with one another, we are also offering participants the option to stay here overnight afterwards. This will include a shared meal during the evening and time to relax as a group without any formal process or dyads. (Yes, you may talk!)


There is a basic charge of £5 to cover food costs (lunch and refreshments).

If you choose to stay over, there will be an additional charge of £15 to cover the evening meal, bed and breakfast.

Note that we do not require any payment up front, just pay on arrival.


To book onto a Dyad Day On Purpose in Bath, either use the form on our website here -
- or simply get in touch with us directly. For further information or if you have any queries, feel free to contact us:

If you would like to further explore the use of dyads within a counselling-style format, Alice Whieldon and Dominique Rivoal are running a series of taster classes on Mind Clearing. These are being held in London on 8 May and 26 June. For more information see Mind Clearing or you can contact Alice directly.


Calendar of Events




Enlightenment Intensives
3 full days of EI process plus a half day of integration (4 nights' stay)
Price = Either £350 full price, or £300 for early booking.
Check the website for early bird cut-off dates.
EI Registration | Deposit Payment.

1-week Enlightenment Intensives
7 full days of EI process plus 1 day of integration (8 nights' stay)
2016 1-Week Intensive = £700.
The 2018 1-Week Intensive = either £800 full price or £700 for early booking.
Check the website for early bird cut-off dates.
EI Registration | Deposit Payment.

Dyad Days
1 day (approx 10am - 4pm).
Overnight stay optional.
Dyad Day
= £7 | Dyad Day + overnight stay = £22.
No advance payment required, just pay on arrival.
Dyad Days - Info and Registration



1-Week Enlightenment Intensive
21-29 July 2016

Dyad Day on Purpose
Sat, 27 August 2016

Dyad Day on Purpose
Fri, 30 December 2016



Enlightenment Intensive
Easter weekend ~ 13-17 April 2017

Enlightenment Intensive
Bank Holiday Weekend ~ 24-28 August 2017

NOTE: December 2017 = start of New Year 2018 Enlightenment Intensive



Enlightenment Intensive
New Year EI ~ 28 Dec 2017 – 1 Jan 2018

1-Week Enlightenment Intensive
50th Anniversary Event ~ 28 June – 6 July 2018