"I can safely say that it was one of the most extraordinary things I have ever experienced in my entire life."
- Sarah
"Tremendously powerful, both in itself and in what it has set in motion in my life."
- Jessica
"The Enlightenment Intensive is a real breakthrough in the growth of consciousness and compassion in the world."
- Rita


Dyad Days


We now offer Dyad Days several times a year for anyone with EI experience.

A Dyad Day is a one-day group event that uses the contemplation and communication format of the Enlightenment Intensive as a tool for personal growth.

There is no teaching involved. Just as with Enlightenment Intesives, the core principle is self-discovery. Whatever you learn will be whatever you have discovered for yourself, within yourself. 

As well as enabling you to gain meaningful and beneficial insight, we also see the Dyad Days as a means of developing a sense of community and support for those of you who have participated on our EI’s. They give you the opportunity, between Intensives, to reconnect with truth-centred contact and communication.

Each Dyad Day will focus on a key issue. To begin with, we are offering Dyad Days on the topic of:

What is my purpose?

This is a question that has long fascinated (and occasionally tormented) both of us throughout our adult lives. We are also aware that many people who are attracted to personal and spiritual growth would also love to have some clarity on their own life purpose.




At the moment we have one more Dyad Day scheduled for 2016


... plus several others pencilled in over the next two years (dates and themes to be confirmed).




The price is £5 to cover food costs (lunch and refreshments).

For those planning to stay overnight after the group, there is an additional charge of £15 for the evening dinner plus bed and breakfast.

No need to pay in advance -- just pay when you arrive.




To book onto a Dyad Day in Bath, you can either email us directly or submit a Dyad Day Registration form. Note that you will need to have done at least one Enlightenment Intensive before; Dyad Days are for those who are already familiar with the basic EI technique and formalities.